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This is probably one of my favorite meals.  Wait, don’t I say that all the time.  Maybe so, but I promise this recipe will not disappoint.  It has the sweet from the corn, the spicy from the adobe sauce, the citrus from the orange, and they all come together for an explosion of sheer pleasure […]


March 07 , 2015 by Michelle Lancaster - in Beef

I remember the first time I made meatloaf.  It was a DISASTER!!!!!  No exaggeration, I cooked it for 5 hours and it was still pink in the middle.  I have no idea what I did wrong.  But I was determined to get it right so I kept trying.  After scouring the web and trying several […]

It snowed!!!!! It actually snowed here.  It rarely snows in Louisiana so 3 inches of snow is a big occasion for us.  We loved our snocation.  Kids were out of school for 4 whole days.  I could not even believe it.  It was beautiful. But now I’m ready for the cold weather to go away.  I’m […]