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meOh hey there, I’m glad you decided to stop by and see me.  I’m very excited to share my foodie journey with you as I search the internet to feed the three men in my life; John, my son; Mark, my wonderful boyfriend; and Nick, his son.  All recipes you find on my website must be approved by them, which is no easy feat.  John loves all things fried and no fruits and vegetables. Nick is our health freak.  He loves to eat healthy but likes his sweets every now and then.  And then there’s Mark.  He’s the easy one.  He loves good food.  And I love cooking for him.20140101_000408




Normally I enjoy cooking those delicious stick to your ribs meals like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, homemade pizza, lasagna, oh and I love a good burger and fries.  Unfortunately, one day looked down and said “well, hello thighs” then I told the bikini good bye.  Now we are planning our summer vacation to the beach which means this momma’s gotta lose some weight.  So I’m going to try to stay focused and bring delicious healthy meals to the table, but I know me, I’m definitely going to cheat.  I mean, everyone needs a good burger and fries every now and then.  Right?!

Welcome to Food Approved!

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